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October 6, 2013

Non-Toxic Kids with Katy Farber at Lean into Green

Non-Toxic Kids with Katy Farber at Lean Into GreenWe can and do have an impact as parents. We can organize and act on issues of children’s health. Mommy Bloggers like Katy Farber are changing consumer shopping patterns and promoting healthier non-toxic products as an answer to our lack of federal food and health regulations. Join Lean Into Green and listen in.

Katy Farber says, “Climate Change is a children’s health issue. We need to protect our kids from significant pollution.” We can buy organic dairy, and store our foods in Mason Jars vs. plastic, to reduce our family’s exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals. Katy Farber teaches Service Learning: finding and solving problems in local communities to increase children’s self-esteem, and to change a community’s perception of kids and teens.

Here are some of the questions we asked Katy Farber about Non-Toxic Kids:

Q. You have written a book titled, “Eat Non-Toxic: a manual for busy parents.” Please talk about your book and the need for chemical reform.
Q. Please share your Green Living tips for families with small children.
Q. Katy, please talk about what you are calling “Service Learning” in your book: Change the World with Service Learning: How to Organize, Lead, and Assess Service Learning.
Q. Another book you have written is titled, “Why great teachers quit.” Please talk about teacher sustainability and what might we do to stop the exodus of our great teachers?
Q. One of your blogs is about how President Obama’s Plan on Climate Change Will Protect Children’s Health. Can you talk about this important aspect of environmental action?

Katy Farber is a Mom, an Author, a Blogger, a social media community builder, and an activist and speaker. She founded the blog Non-Toxic Kids in 2007. Katy teaches graduate level education courses in service learning. She’s chronically sleep deprived, full of joy, and a lover of spontaneous kitchen dance parties with small children, among other things.

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