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Lori Alper at Lean Into Green Online EducationJoin Lori Alper at Lean Into Green and learn how to increase your health, wealth, and happiness by “Going Green.”  Easy steps toward a healthier family:

*First, your food should have no contact with plastic. Listen and learn why this is important for your family’s health.
*Second, switch to reusable shopping bags.
*Third, gradually change to non-toxic cleaning products as you run out.
*Fourth, replace your family’s personal care products with safe ones.
*Fifth, take your shoes off at the door to keep toxins outside.

And much more about cookware: learn how your stainless steel can be non-stick; gardens and grass: the greener the more pesticides; BBQs: low temp and flip often; and the Bees: stop using Bee-toxic pesticides.

Here are some of the questions we asked Lori:

Q. Has it been your role as mother, and concerns for your family’s health, that started your Going Green journey?
Q. Can you define for us what a Green Lifestyle is?
Q. Lori, tell us about the dangers of plastics on our family’s health? And how can we reduce our family’s exposure to plastics and BPA?
Q. Give us some places to start, some simple beginning steps that we may or may not already be using?
Q What is a healthy cookware, our pots or pans, are they healthy? And what is the problem with Teflon?
Q. What’s your advice for greening our lawns, gardens, and outdoor BBQ time?
Q. And what about those disappearing Bees? Can you tell us what you know about their importance and their disappearance, and how we can help support these important pollinators?

Lori Alper is a green living enthusiast and lifestyle writer, speaker, mother, borderline vegan and recovering attorney. Lori is the Founder and Editor of Groovy Green Livin – her Blog and website where she shares inspiration for a greener lifestyle. She is also an eco-wellness consultant for businesses, schools, and individuals. Lori believes that Simple, small changes in your life can lead to a non-toxic, healthier lifestyle — and a greener planet. She is dedicated to sharing simple green living tips, and to a healthy environment without harmful chemicals.

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