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Beth Terry at Lean Into Green Online EducationWhat is your “Plastic Footprint?”  Step by step you can create a plan to reduce toxic chemicals, live more plastic free, and create less plastic waste. Join us today at Lean Into Green and hear how it’s not just sea birds who are eating plastic! The hardest part is doing the research, and Beth Terry has done it for you!  Learn to reuse glass jars and save money.  Use your voice for change: In 8 months, Beth Terri convinced Clorox to make recyclable Brita filters!

Coastal Clean Up at Lean Into Green Living a Plastic Free LifeBeth says, “Living with less plastic is really not as hard as it seems, but our awareness of disposable plastic in our lives can be transformative. To that end, I threw down the gauntlet last May and invited Fake Plastic Fish readers to collect and tally their own plastic waste for a week and upload the results to a new Show Your Plastic Trash web site. How can we know where we need to go if we don’t know where we are to begin with? Solving the plastic pollution problem will require more than individual personal actions. But individual actions and personal awareness are essential for creating the kind of world in which we want to live and the impetus to spark bigger actions.”

What are my goals to live my plastic free Life? (And they can be your goals too!)

  • To reduce the need for new plastic since petroleum is a non-renewable, polluting resource, and the production of plastic wreaks havoc on our eco-system.
  • To keep existing plastic out of our waterways and landfills where it can cause further harm.
  • To limit our exposure to toxins that can leach from certain types of plastic.
  • To educate others about these issues so that our actions can have a farther-reaching impact than those of a single individual acting alone.

Beth Terry is an author and a blogger. You may know her blog “My Plastic Free Life.”  She educates us all on how to live without generating plastic waste, cool plastic free innovations, and much more.

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