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September 9, 2013

Simran Sethi at Lean Into Green Online Education

Join Simran Sethi and Lean Into GreenHi, and welcome to Green Woman Store’s free Lean Into Green Online Education Series. Join 21 extraordinary experts!  On Day 1, September 16, you will learn from Simran Sethi, an award-winning journalist, strategist and educator who teaches and reports on sustainability, the environment, and social media for social change.

Join Simran Sethi and Lean Into Green as she talks about how empathy and connection, long associated with women, are necessary for advancing positive social and environmental change. She tells us about what she calls “The Gendered Brain,” and gives us examples that are most compelling! Learn how the growth of this female orientation matters for the environment, business, and development, and why is it important for women to play a role in sustainability.

Simran has been awarded with many titles: She is called “The Environmental Messenger,” and she is one of  “The 20 Most Influential Women in Green.” Simran is an “Eco-Hero of the Planet” and an “Environmental Woman of Impact.”  She is a former environmental correspondent for NBC News, and she is dedicated to a redefinition of environmentalism that uses innovative forms of engagement, and includes voices from the prairie, the urban core, and the global community.

Sign Up! Lean Into GreenI first learned of Simran’s work from her TED talks.  You can hear her talk on “Seeds -The Buried Beginnings of Food” here. And another where she talks about our “green brain,” telling stories, and more in “Why and How Do We Engage” here.

Thank you, Simran, from Green Woman Store.  We hope you will join Simran Sethi at Lean Into Green and Discover How to Increase Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness by Going Green!  It’s free, and it’s powerful!  Sign Up Now!

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