Heart Jewelry for Valentines Day!

Spiral Heart Jewelry Pendant by K Robins Designs.Hearts, Hearts, and More Hearts — Designed and Crafted by Women Jewelers!  Share the beautiful and loving inspiration of Heart-Inspired, Heart-Infused pendants to show the love you feel!

Loving Kindness Heart Jewelry Pendant by K Robins Designs.Whether your passion is sterling silver or bronze, the energy of the Earth encircles every piece of our beautiful heart jewelry and accessories.  Each piece contains the loving wisdom and passion of women jewelry designers and crafters from around the country.

Infinite Love Heart Jewelry Pendant by K Robins Designs. K Robins Designs: Many of my jewelry designs come from my fascination with the language of symbols and how the art of different cultures and times echoes around the world. All cultures surround themselves with symbols and naturally pass them reverently from generation to generation. These symbols lift up and guide us through life’s interwoven cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth.

Forget-Me-Not Heart Jewelry Pendant by Jane Iris Designs.Jane Iris Designs: From the subconscious to design, you will find a part of yourself in our  Jewelry Collection. Jane Iris jewelry is proudly made by four women casters in America, and finished by Patti Ann Sansome, owner of Jane Iris Desgns. Woman owned and operated for 19 years!

Forget-Me-Not Heart Jewelry Necklace with Amethyst Drop by Jane Iris Designs.Divinity is based on mysteries. The Ancients conceived of divinity based on the important mysteries of their time: cycles of birth, life & death, fertility & survival. Our desire for self-awareness makes our emotions, dreams and intuitions the mysteries of our lives; it is a basis for the mythologies of our time.

See our Video on Heart Jewelry. Click on the Heart Jewelry images above  to learn more about our Woman Made and Crafted Jewelry.  Thank you for shopping Fair Trade, Green, and Woman Made!

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