WeMoon 2013, The Iconic Feminist Astrological Datebook and Calendar

We'Moon Calendar 2013We’Moon is the iconic feminist datebook and astrological moon calendar.  A visionary collection of women’s creative writing and artwork from around the world.  Mother Tongue Ink publishes creative work by women, celebrating earth-based spirituality and visions for a changing world. 

This year’s We’Moon is a profound and provocative exploration of “The Other Side.” The many other sides of the story, of the revolution, of birth and death, of mystery. Filled with brilliant art and writing, We’Moon 2013 is an extraordinary guide through the realms of trans-formation. Our personal evolutions and our planetary shifts. The calendar pages inspire our inevitable, tantalizing journey, one beautiful week at a time.

WeMoon Calendar 2013 WeMoon 2013 says: “Getting through to The Other Side often requires merely that the eye of the beholder shift focus. The evocative offerings here invite us to look through the beyond, guiding inspired passage through the straits of everyday.”

Our bookseller is PEOPLE CALLED WOMEN BOOKS, a multicultural, feminist bookstore in Toledo, Ohio. The have several thousand books in stock and can order any book in print. If you are ordering two or more books, and your order is over $30, your shipping will be free if you call them direct at 419-469-8983.

See the We’Moon 2013 Video Here. You will find we have the best Women’s Fiction, Women Fiction Writers, Multicultural Books for Children, Babies, Todlers, Kids and Young Adults. Eco Friendly Books, EcoFeminist Literature. The Best Women’s Memoirs, Mysteries, Non-fiction and Lesbian Fiction. Books About Woman Health and Global Health. All Books written and edited by Women. Enjoy!



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