Organic Bedding: Cotton, Natural Wool, Wellspriing and Latex

I love Cotton Cloud Futons! They are environmentally conscious and very particular about all their fabrics, latex, cotton and wool — right down to the vetinary care of the sheep! Organic bedding is a part of greening our lifestyles.

Cotton Cloud Eco-Wool Pillow

Cotton Cloud Eco-Wool Pillow

Cotton Cloud handcrafts futons and mattresses along with a variety of soft goods, including luxurious wool mattress toppers, wool mattress pads, and comforters and pillows filled with Organic Cotton, Eco-Valley Wool, Wellspring™ Fiber, and Organic Latex!

Their current batch of Eco-Valley wool is a beautiful shade of honey with luxurious loft and long fibers making it a perfect choice for toppers, comforters and crafters alike. Currently there is plenty of cotton from Texas still to mill with organic cotton from the Texas Co-Operative on it’s way along with a bale of Wellspring.

Here is some more info on their natural and organic fibers:

Organic Cotton, Wool, Latex Twin Mattress by Cotton Cloud Futons

Organic Cotton, Wool, Latex Twin Mattress by Cotton Cloud Futons

Organic Cotton:  Sustainably farmed in Texas, and ideal for people who have extreme chemical sensitivities. 100% certified organically-grown cotton, without boric acid powder or mineral oil.

Eco-Valley Wool: (My Favorite after reading “Sheepish.”)Sustainably farmed in the Pacific NW, and created by blending wool from different sheep breeds. The fleece is cleaned and carded and chemical free.


Wellspring Supreme by Cotton Cloud Futons

Wellspring Supreme Futon Mattress

Wellspring Fiber: Wellspring is a revolutionary material that utilizes the second use of plastics. It’s a virgin fiber that is generated from recycled polyethylene, familiar to you as two liter beverage containers. It’s clean, odor free, nonallergenic, and very resilient. The fibers look and feel incredibly like cotton; fluffy, soft, and very finely textured. GreenWomanStore customers attest to the softness of their Wellspring!

Cotton Cloud manufactures a variety of futon mattresses and lovely quilted wool shells for latex mattresses. These are sewn in house by our busy team of seamstresses. They add a quality look and feel to any latex product.  Here are some examples:

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