Menopause, Clean Cosmetics and Aromatherapy Products

by Guest Blogger, Genny LaMorgan of Aroma For Health

Clean Cosmetics are a specialty at Green Woman Store. We are passionate about simple and sustainable lifestyles.Natural skin care is part of a green lifestyle. Connecting conscious consumers with women owned businesses that deliver healthy, reliable and sustainable goods is our commitment. Our guest blogger today is Genny LaMorgan who makes some of our Natural Aromatherapy Products.

The “Art of Aromatherapy” is blending Essential Oils to reduce, treat and prevent stress, illness and symptoms. Essential Oils are the very concentrated natural compounds distilled from plants. Enhancing your well-being is sometimes the goal, but oftentimes, it is the very beneficial “side effect” of Aromatherapy products.

Aromatherapy Massage Oils blended with therapeutic Essential Oils allow these antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal concentrated compounds to be absorbed through your skn and into your bloodstream in 3 to 30 minutes. During the time you are using the Massage Oils, you are absorbing the healing vapors through your nose and your olfactory system which covers the entire top of your brain! Aromatherapy changes how we think.

Menopause requires mood enhancement as much as symptom relief. Aromatherapy products such as Sprays, Creams and Massage Oils introduce probiotic (Essential Oils do not destroy the good bacteria in your system) medicinals that treat our Menopause symptoms without the side effects of carcinogenic ingredients, toxic chemicals, and artificial hormones.

Vitex herbe, sometimes called Chaste Berry, is a hormone balancer that can be  taken as teas or capsules, and can also be absorbed through your skin when used in body care compounds. Aromatherapy’s Vitex Essential Oil cream is useful for strengthening vaginal tissue and reducing dryness which is so common as we women age. Vitex cream has also been found to help lighten the dark spots that come with hormone imbalance. 

Aroma For Health Estrogenic Face CreamWhen a hot flash hits, what is the best immediate relief? A soothing Aromatherapy Face and Body Spray! Keeping it in the refrigerator can increase the cooling effect. There are a few natural sources of Estrogen used in Aromatherapy. My favorites are Clary Sage and Fennel. These two Essential Oils add a wonderful aroma to our “over 40” Estrogenic Face Cream. Mixed with Rose Geranium to help with water retention, and lavender to calm and balance, this is an aromatic recipe for relief.

Do you take your own Massage Oil when you go to have a massage? Well, it’s always a good idea. Oftentimes massage therapists are not aware of the therapeutic benefits of Aromatherapy, and they may be missing this opportunity for optimum health. Aromatherapy Essential Oils are absorbed through your skin wthin 30 minutes directly into your bloodstream. Menopause Massage Oils introduce natural hormone balancing therapy at a safe and effective dose. When menopausal symptoms are at their worst, or when they are just beginning, having a 30-minute Aromatherapy Menopause Massage twice a week for four weeks has proven in studies to give effective relief.

A daily dose of Menopausal Creams, Sprays and Body Oils is something you can do for yourself to help bring symptom relief, and to add a great floral scent to your graceful aging process. It is always nice to smell the roses, and in this case the roses are right at your fingertips.

I am currently formulating a new Trio: Menopausal Face Spray, Vitex Cream, and Menopause Massage, Bath and Body Oil. I look forward to introducing our new Menopause Aromatherapy Products in the Fall.

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