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What we need when we are outdoors is a continuation of our healthy lifestyle.  My favorite hiking snack is Karmic Krunch.  I am gluten-free, so I require grains that do not contain gluten.  I also want protein and I love the quantity and variety of nuts in Karmic Krunch.  Sugar content is also a concern.  This light gluten-free, vegan snack is sweetened with Agave which is lower on the glycemic index and I still get my sweet taste satisfied!

Brickenmore Fire Starters by Eagle Valley Eco Fuel

I also enjoy campfires, and I hate the smell of toxic firestarters!  We are so fortunate to have Brickenmore environmentally friendly, organic, affordable firestarters to offer.  And they are available in naturally scented options like Patchouli, Lavender and can you believe it, Rose!  Made in Connecticut by Cindy Richey’s woman owned business.


Vegware compostable plates, cutlery and cups are the best part of green camping!  I love these products.  I never felt good about using plastic just because I was eating outdoors, and now we can be environmentally friendly hungry campers.  These products are available in family size packs or by the case for your business or large events.  Either way, you will feel good about your choice to camp green.

peace flags by MosaZoneAnd of course, we need Peace Flags for our campgrounds!  Handmade by MosaZone, these colorful peace flags are blank so you can write your own intentions on them.  Hang them from the trees, hang them from your tent.  Either way, you will enliven the forest and campgrounds with your well wishes!

Enjoy your Summer, and camp Green!  Oh yes, dont forget those natural insect repellents that smell like Mother Nature!

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