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We all need new information for our new greener and healthier lifestyles.  Women authors are guiding our way with books for adults and children, and books written for all ages.  Frances Moore Lappe has been guiding our green palates for nearly 40 years with her revolutionary “Diet for a Small Planet.”  Now her daughter, Anna Lappe, is following in her mothers good footsteps with, “Diet for a Hot Planet.” 

These two important books educate us about how our food choices contribute to poverty, resource destruction and human exploitation.  Both books give us excting solutions so we can go forward feeling good about our purchases and our sustainable lifestyle.

New and exciting books for children on how to “Think Fair Trade First,” the story of a sister and brother searching for a family gift and learning how shopping wisely can improve many people’s lives around the world.  “365 Ways to Live Green for Kids”  teaches children why organic food is tastier—and better—for them, how to protect plants and animals, and Earth Day celebrations.

Sudie Rakusin Coloring Book for Big GirlsAnd to promote exploration and stimulate a child’s imagination and sense of wonder, “I Love Dirt,” is a special gift for every family with young ones.  For girl children of all ages who love animals, Sudie Rakusin’s “Coloring Books for Big Girls,” are wonderful multi-cultural examples of strong women being part of the nature they inhabit.

Women's History for Beginners by Bonnie MorrisBooks about politics, the changes in women’s lives (fashion, sex and politics),and race, are all important books to remind us of our women’s history. Memoirs by women sharing their life experiences and humor.  All this literature is part of the greening of our minds, hearts and souls.  When we know the full story behind our actions, we are able to go forward in strength, truth and sustainability.

 Read green, teach green, and live green, a beautiful choice for all of us to share!

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