Break the plastic bag habit with Reusable Bags!

Bunch Bags reusable produce bagsOne of my favorite products on GreenWomanStore is Bunch Bags.  Created out of Amy Ferguson’s passion and concern for marine life, these reusable produce bags are one big step toward shopping green. I feel so much better not bringing home those plastic produce bags that just pile up with no purpose. Let’s break the plastic bag habit with Reusable Bags!

100% polyester for durability and machine washing. Bunch Bags Resist mildew and moisture, they won’t shrink and are stain resistant. Bunch Bags are the next logical step in reducing waste.

plastic kills, use Bunch Bags
plastic kills, use Bunch Bags

It’s not pretty what our addiction to plastic is doing to marine life.  It is this experience that inspired Amy to start her business and create a sustainable tool for shoppers.


Reusable Washable Produce Bags by Bunch Bags

Bunch Bags, reusable and washable!

Bunch Bags donates a percentage of profits to local green charities that make our world a better place. This is just one more way in which Bunch Bags is taking a leadership role and making a difference in our world.  Let’s break the plastic bag habit!




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