Sudie Rakusin, I have loved her art forever! ⋆ Green Woman Store

Sudie Rakusin Coloring Book for Big GirlsI am so excited!  We have just added Sudie Rakusin’s Coloring BooKs for Big Girls!  I bought the newest ones for my daughters and granddaughters last year.  Her black and white drawings are among my favorites, and Sudie likes these best too:

“Whatever medium I am working in at the moment is my favorite, but, I think drawing with a simple 2B pencil and painting in oils would be the ones I love the most.  They seem to me the purist and most honest.”

Sudie Rakusin Journey CardsI bought Sudie’s blank journal recently for a friend who was taking a writing class.  I haven’t tried her Journey Cards yet, but you can.  Let me know your experiences!  Oh yes, and do check out her children’s activity book.  Women with amazing wardrobes and many different animals frequent Sudie’s art.  Enjoy!

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