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Sudie Rakusin, I have loved her art forever!

I am so excited!  We have just added Sudie Rakusin's Coloring BooKs for Big Girls!  I bought the newest ones for my daughters and granddaughters last year.  Her black and white drawings are among my favorites, and Sudie likes these best too: "Whatever medium I am...

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Camping Green and Loving It!

What we need when we are outdoors is a continuation of our healthy lifestyle.  My favorite hiking snack is Karmic Krunch.  I am gluten-free, so I require grains that do not contain gluten.  I also want protein and I love the quantity and variety of nuts in Karmic...

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Living Green with Renee’s Homemade Laundry Soap Recipe

Green Woman Store’s Video Instructions on how to make Renee’s very economical Homemade Laundry Soap. You will love this soap. It gets your laundry clean, and is a wonderful PRE-TREATMENT to get out the dirt and food spots that can turn into stains if you don’t get them out, especially before using the dryer. All of the Ingredients are found in the laundry product section of your favorite grocery store.

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