Porsha Handbag by UrthBags

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Zipper closure & gorgeous rope handle. 100% Waterproof with very spacious interior. Interior pockets for your cell phone, etc.  15.5"L x 5.25"W x 12.5"H. Made from recycled magazines.


Ships USPS $10.95. 

Each bag features unique fashion magazine images.  Exterior: made from salvaged plastic. UrthBags are hand-crafted from recycled materials by Fair Trade Women's Organizations & Artisans - Purses Made with a Purpose! 

Urth Bags by Monica RalliBy owning an UrthBag, you are not only helping to protect our planet, but also to provide jobs to underprivileged women world-wide.  UrthBags desire fashion forward owners who choose to live Eco-friendly lifestyles and are looking for a handbag to share it with. UrthBags are durable, ultra-stylish & can be used for almost any occasion. UrthBags are all handmade from recycled & salvaged materials so you can feel good about owning one while making a bold Eco-fashion statement.  So go ahead, starting shopping, fall in love, save the world (OK, maybe that's a stretch) & feel good about an UrthBag on your arm.

UrthBags was founded to inspire more people to become environmentally conscious & to help reduce the amount of waste generated every day. We offer stylish, unique and Eco-friendly handbags, purses & totes - Purses Made with a Purpose!

Eco-Chic Handbags is a one-of-a-kind handbag line to help inspire people to develop a stronger sense of eco-consciousness while making a stylish, green fashion statementA distinct handbag line that is not only making its mark in the world of avant-garde fashion, but also in the environmentally conscious community.

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