Rescue Me by Julie Cannon

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Tyler Logan poses as a date for her closeted gay friend at a company retreat. There she meets Kristin Walker, the boss's wife. An unexpected turn of events transforms into a fight for survival, and a chance for love.


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 Rescue Me, 2011 Finalist Best Lesbian Romance Lambda Literary Society.


"You want me to do what?” “Come on, Tyler. It’s not that bad.”
"That's a matter of opinion," Tyler replied, her fingers dancing over the almost-soundless keyboard.
“When was the last time I asked you for anything?” “Last week.”
“Okay. Well, when was the last time I asked you for something like this?”

Tyler Logan reluctantly agrees to pose as the girlfriend of her in-the-closet gay BFF at his company's annual retreat. Stupid idea, but simple. She'd done it a dozen times before. Kristin Walker, doesn't want to go on this trip, be the perfect hostess, or be the boss's wife anymore, but finds herself trapped in all three.

When an unexpected turn of events transforms their three days in paradise into a fight for survival, both women struggle against the odds and their own fears. However, the biggest challenge is their growing attraction toward each other and the question of who will rescue whom?

julie cannon rescue me"I call it sappy romance, you know happily-ever-after kind of stuff. But it’s really more than that. They are stories of women who have feet of clay, aren’t perfect, and struggle through life just like the rest of us. They persevere and grow to overcome their foibles with the love of the woman we all hope we’ll find and spend the rest of our lives with."

"I’ve always been a voracious reader, but never had any interest in writing until about five or six years ago. I was sitting at my desk one day and my mind was wandering, and out of nowhere an opening sentence came to mind and I started typing. Everyday I’d read what I had written to my girlfriend and it just kind of blossomed from there. I wrote off and on for several years, and one day I polished something up and submitted it to Bold Strokes Books."

Julie Cannon is a corporate stiff by day and dreamer by night. She has published nine books and five short stories. A recent transplant to Houston, Julie and her partner Laura live on the lake with their two kids, two dogs and a cat.

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