Devic Realm Perfume Oil by Iris Herbal

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Iris Herbal's own blend.  Sweet and spicy. Ylang Ylang essential oil blend. 1/4 oz.


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Ylang Ylang Natural Perfume Oil, Devic Realm by Iris HerbalThe pure and natural Ylang Ylang and other Essential Oils in this Perfume are certified organic, wild-crafted or unsprayed. The base oils are certified organic Almond and Jojoba oils, with natural non-GMO vitamin E as a preservative.

Iris Herbal Perfumes are a subtle aid to increased well-being.

This Perfume may need to be shaken to thoroughly mix the ingredients, especially if the bottle gets cold.


Cathy Hope, owner of Iris Herbal is Questa, New Mexico

Cathy Hope, founder and owner of Iris Herbal, is celebrating 29 years in business! 

As a child I was entranced with flowers and had my own little flower garden in which I dug to my heart's content. That sense of delight is still with me, and curiosity, which led me to study flower essences, herbology and finally aromatherapy

During a massage in 1981, I very clearly heard an inner voice tell me to make up massage oils with the addition of various essential oils to further enhance the therapeutic benefit of body work. Iris Herbal Products thus began, and I channeled my creative energy into making up combinations that were beneficial, aromatic, and had meaningfully descriptive names.

Iris Herbal's Iris logo, owner Cathy HopeAt present I use more than 175 essential oils, which come from all over the world. Of the 70 essential oils which are used most frequently, all are ethically wildcrafted, certified organic, or unsprayed.  Of the 13 infused oils, 10 of them I grow organically in my garden or wild craft near my home. No ingredient or product of Iris Herbal has ever been tested on animals.

My most frequently asked question is "do you grow all your own herbs?" Living in northern Taos County at an elevation of 7700 feet, where the USDA map says Zone 4, but where I've already experienced -38° F(!), it is impossible to grow all my own herbs. But I am becoming quite adept at stretching the boundaries of what is possible, and having rather a lot of fun as I garden, experimenting with tunnels and straw bales, and now a free-standing passive solar greenhouse.

Iris Herbal Products is mostly just me, though I do occasionally hire friends to help gather, process, label and sell. All the recipes are mine and everything is made individually or in small batches as needed, and only when I'm in a good or calm mood. I'm continually trying to improve the products and the quality of their ingredients. When filling orders, all packaging materials and most of the boxes are recycled. Where possible, only amber glass is used because it is best for the product and easiest for you the consumer, to recycle.

Cathy Hope, Iris Herbal

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