Earth Day Eco-Feminism & Resources

Well, we certainly need Feminism on this Earth Day 2017! Eco-Feminists have long made the connection between the oppression of women and earth’s degradation and resource exploitation. Earth Day Eco-Feminism is an important and essential part of the Climate Change Solution. As we say at Green Woman Store:

“Green Women make informed choices and negotiate outcomes that balance biodiversity, conservation, and human development needs” 

earth Day eco-Feminism Chipko Women in India saving their trees from logging. “Chipko” means “to hug.”

Chipko Women in India saving their trees from logging. “Chipko” means “to hug.” Eco-Feminists Extraordinaire!


Earth Day April 22, 2017 Individual Actions:


Earth Day Eco-Feminism

Feminism Telesummit with Dr.Asoka Bandarage - Women, Sustainability and Climate ChangeWe interviewed Asoka for our Feminism & Sustainability Telesummit. You can listen to that interview here. This is what Asoka said about Earth Day Feminism:

“Women are responding to climate change not only as mothers and nurturers, but also as economic producers. It is important to actively and consciously keep women’s relational perspectives alive, we bring a more qualitative, humanist, and ecological approach. Women are taking leadership roles in many grassroots, regional, national and international initiatives.”

Feminism and Sustainability Telesummit

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Many peoples of the world see terrorism and the “war on terror” as a global struggle between extremist forms of Islam and Christianity. Women are targeted, victimized, and used as fighters. Religious extremism should not take center stage.

Indigenous Peoples have been at the forefront of bringing ecological consciousness and our connection to nature into the climate conversation, and they need to be supported. Bolivian and Peruvian Indigenous Women’s Groups say:

“Change the System, Not the Climate.” You can’t talk about climate policies without looking at the economic system.”

earth day eco-feminismPoor women are especially effected by natural disasters due to poverty and the lack of infrastructure and resources to respond to crises. Cultural norms, clothing restrictions, and traditions victimize women who are not able to relocate as easily as men.

  • Most of the world’s farmers are women but we don’t necessarily own the land.
  • Health issues in other countries are related to pesticides manufactured and banned in the U.S.
  • Climate Change has different effects on different populations, especially women and coastal and island nations.
  • Land based people have a greater eco-consciousness but are losing it to technology.
  • Proselytizing among vulnerable communities is controversial and raises moral and ethical issues.
  • There’s a lot of greenwashing by corporations. Women’s groups keep the real issues in the forefront.
  • Communities and countries should become self sufficient and not have to depend on external aid.
  • 1/3 of the world’s population do not have access to clean water.
  • The Smithsonian’s Hall of Human Origins, funded by David Koch, downplays the dangers and global impact of human activity and fossil fuel extraction on climate change.

There are enough resources for everyone. We need a global ethic that connects us to each other. We have to pull together to address these issues for planetary survival.

Dr. Asoka Bandarage on Women, Sustainability and Climate Change

Here’s a little bit more about Asoka, one of our global woman warriors for the earth:
Lean Into Green with Dr. Asoka Bandarage on Sustainability and Well-Being The Middle Path to Environment, Society, and the EconomyDr. Bandarage is an Author, Researcher, and Policy Analyst. She has most recently authored “Sustainability and Well-Being: The Middle Path to Environment, Society, and the Economy.” Asoka believes that social science and universal ethics – combined – give us perspective, deep and comprehensive enough, to bring about the partnership of humanity necessary to solve the climate crisis and broader challenges of human and planetary survival.

Lean Into Green Telesummit at greenwomanstore.comAsoka’s areas of interest include: women and gender studies, multiculturalism, peace and security, South Asia, Sri Lanka, population and ecology.

Dr. Ashoka Bandarage has devoted her scholarly career to environmental sustainability, and studying and teaching how social science can advance human well-being. Dr. Bandarage has taught at Yale, Brandeis, Georgetown, American, Mount Holyoke where she received tenure, and other universities and colleges in the U.S. and abroad.

As we say at “Increasing market access for women promotes sustainability, for when the resources return to the women, everyone benefits.” So, shop woman-made and support female owned businesses on Earth Day and every day!


Summer Natural Pest Control

natural pest control

Marcie, a NORSLED.Org Rescue Huskie

Your Family’s Health Matters! Summer is bringing bugs, ants, fleas, flies, moths, weevils and silverfish. They can be a nuisance for sure, and there are natural non-toxic solutions!

Don’t put your family’s health at risk. Hot weather natural pest control is easy and easily available. Here are some tips and information to guide you:

Very similar to the RoundUp/Glyphosate studies:

Common Insect Repellents – Insect studies show that pyrethroid exposure affects the brain and nervous system, increases thyroid and liver cancers, damages male reproductive organs, and reduces testosterone levels and fertility. The Cancer Assessment Review Committee classified pyrethrins as “likely human carcinogens” if ingested.

Pyrethrins concern environmentalists and lawmakers who are introducing legislation that explores links between hormone-disrupting chemicals such as pyrethroids and the dramatic increase in autism, hyperactivity, diabetes, obesity, and breast and prostate cancer.

Propoxur, commonly found in ant and roach killers, depresses the central nervous system and respiratory tract, and overexposure can cause muscle weakness, dizziness, headaches and nausea. This noxious chemical also damages DNA and negatively affects fetal growth. The chemical N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide which is found in ant and roach sprays, household foggers, and flea and tick repellents is an excitotoxin that can depress the central nervous system, causing decreased heart rate, loss of consciousness and possibly death.

Infants and children, whose internal organs and brains are still developing, and who are especially sensitive to the health risks these pesticides pose, require us to be very careful about the ingredients on the labels of the products we use — especially in our gardens and play areas. Researchers have found that exposure to home pesticides and insecticides more than doubles a child’s chances of developing neuroblastoma, a rare type of malignant brain tumor, and increases the risk of leukemia.

An American Cancer Society study suggests children exposed to household insecticides are three to seven times more likely to develop non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This is terrible knowledge to live with, and we would think it enough knowledge to take these products off our store shelves. We can’t depend on every citizen to do the research required to protect themselves and their families and neighbors!

Here are some DIY Non-Toxic Solutions for You, Your Family & Neighbors:

natural pest controlAnts – If they aren’t too bad, I put a spot of honey on the counter and let them sugar-up. It seems to distract them from other foods. Borax mixed with sugar at entry points will help too. Vinegar washes away the scent trail ants leave so other ants can find and follow them. Here’s the recipe:

1⁄4 cup vinegar
2 cups water
10 to 15 drops of peppermint, clove, eucalyptus or tea tree essential oil.

Keep ants out of your cupboards too: Sprinkle powdered cinnamon, paprika or cayenne pepper across their trails.

Fleas, Silverfish & Mites Hate Diatomaceous Earth!

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (cheap at feed stores) is fabulous, I hear lots of great things about this product that is new to me. Here’s how to use it:

Fleas: Bathe your dog or cat in natural flea shampoo containing cedar or other essential oils
Rub Diatomaceous Earth on your dog or cat
Sprinkle it in your carpets and vacuum dead fleas after 4 days
Repeat frequently to kill newly hatching fleas

Also, a little vinegar in the water bowls will help keep fleas off animals, and add a little Hymalayian salt for the minerals they need.

Mites: Mix Diatomaceous Earth with dry cactus soil to make a dust bath for chickens and birds to kill mites.

Silverfish: Vacuum the area to remove food particles and insect eggs
Dust with either diatomaceous earth or boric acid (do not use boric acid if you have pets)
Trap silverfish in a small glass jar by wrapping the outside with tape so they can climb up and fall in
The silverfish will be trapped inside because they can’t climb smooth surfaces

Moths & Weevils in Your Grains, Flours and Pasta?

Put a cinnamon stick or bay leaf in the containers to repel the insects without affecting the food’s taste or smell.

House Flies hate Mint, Bay Leaf, Clove and Eucalyptus! Make your own DIY flypaper:

Mix 1⁄4 cup corn syrup
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
1 tablespoon brown sugar in a small bowl

Cut strips of brown kraft paper and soak it in the sweetr mixture
Let dry overnight
Hang by making a hole in the top of each paper strip and hang with string.

Moths Hate Cedar Chips & Lemon Peels!

Cedar for making sachets hand picked by Yolanda Martinez

Cedar for making sachets – hand picked by Yolanda Martinez

Make Moth Sachets with cheesecloth squares, dried lemon peels and cedar chips.
Place them in your drawers and cabinets, and hang them in your closets.

(Commercial mothballs contain naphthalene, a hydrocarbon derived from coal tar. This toxin destroys red blood cells and has been found in human breast milk.)

Stay healthy! And shop fair trade, green and woman made with us. We do the research for you!



Hunter Lovins at Lean Into Green Online Education

Join Hunter Lovins and Lean Into GreenToday, on Day 2 of our free Lean Into Green Online Educationyou will hear Hunter Lovins, a Colorado Cowgirl, author, global Professor, researcher, and longtime green activist, share her knowledge and experience.

“Going Green” is not just woowoo, it’s good for business! Hunter Lovins teaches businesses big and small how to become more profitable by operating sustainably. Hunter wakes up smiling, and you will too when you hear the new direction our world is moving in.  Green business practices are increasing at the same time young inventors are bringing sustainable development solutions we could not have dreamt of in the past. Hear how the safest investment is “Green Investment,” and hear about becoming an “Impact Investor.” Discover an accredited online course where you can learn from the best thought leaders on green development from around the world.

Sign Up! Lean Into GreenHunter Lovins has been a promoter of sustainable development for over 30 years.  Hunter is president of Natural Capitalism Solutions, a 501c3 non-profit in Longmont, Colorado, and she is the Chief Insurgent of The Madrone Project.

Thank you, Hunter, from Green Woman Store.  We hope you will join Hunter Lovins and Lean Into Green to Discover How to Increase Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness by Going Green!  Sign Up Now! It’s free, and it’s powerful! 

Please comment and let us know what you want to hear about,
as we Lean Into Green together!

New Make-Up for the New Year: Clean Cosmetics

Lucy Light Clean Cosmetics Mineral Foundation by Lucy Minerals“Clean Cosmetics” is the new buzz word these days for natural toxin free Make-Up.  Join the majority of women worldwide who are waking up to this new possibility.  Women owned businesses are creating Make-Up that we can feel safe wearing, and feel safe that we aren’t unnecessarily polluting our environment  while we “potentize our body with symbols,” as poet  Judy Grahn defines the word cosmetics.

Every new year, during the months of January through March, I replace last year’s Make-Up with fresh new items, sometimes changing the colors but not always.  Click on these photos if you see something you like! Whether it is a natural Mascara or Eye Shadow, or safe nano-particle-free Mineral Foundations, if you are like me and replace your Make-Up this time of the year, we have some great 100% natural choices.

EarthLab Cosmetics Raw Mascara Clean CosmeticsDiane Peterson and Jennifer MacDougall, the mother and daughter team at EarthLab Cosmetics, uses 100% natural botanically based food grade ingredients that are Gluten-Free, Paraban Free, and free of all toxic chemicals.  I personally love their “Raw Mascara.”  It actually comes in one color only, Black, because if they wanted brown they would have to cook it!

These two women entrepreneurs are committed to “Raw Mascara” and Clean Cosmetics!  EarthLab Cosmetics is making and campaigning for safer cosmetic products.

Clean Cosmetics Mineral Foundation by Lucy MineralsAnnie Langguth is the Esthetician, Skin Care Specialist, and owner of Lucy Minerals. I love that she offers trial size Mineral Foundations for $2.50,  helping you can find your perfect shade. She also offers Light Foundations for Sensitive Skin, Oil Control Formulas, and Finishing Powders to bond with Foundation so they last for hours. 

Annie has Rosacea herself, and has created her Foundations with women’s skin problems in mind.  However you prefer your Mineral Foundations, you will find your perfect formula and perfect shade among Lucy Minerals all natural, nano-particle-free, Clean Cosmetics.

Thank you for shopping Fair Trade, Green, and Woman Made!

The Search for Convenient Resilience visits Green Woman Store

The Search for Convenient Resilience

Save the Ocean!

With nothing but borrowed pens and paper, Hannah and Dana, creators of The Search for Convenient Resilience, came to meet with Green Woman Store in Leucadia, California, just north of San Diego. Being Vermont natives, they were unfamiliar with the ocean salt breezes and the sea of pedestrians holding on to their prized surfboards. But needless to say, they were ready to move and set-up shop in one of the beachside cafes. To commence the final interview of their cross country journey they came to find out more about the passion behind our online catalog of woman made green products.  We gathered some raw vegan food and headed for the beach, and then to a cafe where we sat beneath the stained glass Surfing Madonna you see at the left.  With tea and biscotte, we talked about Green Woman Store’s dedication towards female empowerment and sustainable commerce.

I began Green Woman Store to give women the opportunity to be at the forefront of commerce.  I spent time in non-profit environment organizations trying to solve development problems and became aware of international NGOs and international sustainable development strategies . I learned that when women around the world are asked what they need, they call out for “Market Access.”  Green Woman Store is an answer to that call. Green Woman Store allows for trade and commerce opportunities that are often only seen as accessible to men.

” Why just women…?” they asked.  My response was honest. According to studies, when resources go directly into the hands of women, all equally benefit. Women, by nature, are much more willing to collaborate and negotiate at the level where all participants, from the laborers to the buyers, benefit.

I have discovered women all over the world that are self-starters, and on a mission to produce sustainable wares. From hand-made clothing to dinnerware for children made from non-toxic, GMO-free reclaimed potatoes, Green Woman Store has amplified the female voice with market access.  All of the women entrepreneurs on the site are screened to ensure all that all products follow a conservation ethic, a caring for biodiversity and Mother Earth, and that all products are at fair-trade pricing.  50% to 80% of the retail sale price goes directly to the women who produce the products.  Ask yourself, how many businesses, have that level of philanthropy?
Green Woman Store connects seller to the buyer. Thanks to this program, women are connecting in ways that would have been nearly impossible just a few decades ago. From the hand-crafted Guatemalan sweaters made by traditional Indigenous Guatemalan Women Weavers to Jane Iris jewelry from San Diego.

Just prior to arriving on my doorstep, Hannah and Dana had all of their belongings, computer and video equipment, and their car stolen. They did arrive with pen and notepad, and their absolute resilience and strength to continue with their extraordinary work of documenting the efforts of ordinary citizens like myslef to bring forth a better future for all. 

This blog is excerpted from their Blog Post about their visit. You can visit Hannah and Dana, and follow their inspiring adventures at:

” …The giving of love is an education in itself.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Jane Iris Designs – 20 Years of Woman Made Women’s Jewelry

Spirit Healer Sterling Silver Pendant with choice of garnet, opal, ruby and more.

Spirit Healer

I just added more of Jane Iris Designs beautiful jewelry to the Apparel & Accessories on Pendants, rings and earrings, Goddesses, Labrys, Ankhs, and Conga Drums in bronze and sterling, with garnets and opals, citrine and lapis, rubies and more. Jane Iris is one of the great designers of women’s jewelry in our time.

I remember discovering Jane Iris jewelry when I lived in Berkeley, California, in the l990’s. Hers was some of the first dramatic, spiritual and woman-identified jewelry that mirrored my growing interest in ancient and sustainable cultures, environmentalism and spirituality. Her women’s jewelry makes tangible the strength, truth and integrity of women’s culture anciently and today.

When I sell Jane Iris jewelry at the Michigan Women’s Festival, women tell me, “I have that piece, and that one too.  And I gave that piece to a dear friend.”  I love that we women share our sacred possessions, and that we keep supporting the craftswomen who inspired us when they, and we, were much younger.

Today, I am delighted to have added some of my favorite pieces, and hopefully some of your favorites too!  Surely, we will be adding more in the future.  I created a video sharing some of the new beautiful woman made Jane Iris Designs women’s jewelry pieces: Spirit Healer, Sardinian Goddess, Ankh, Labrys, Conga Drums, Truth Ring, and many more.  Enjoy!

Eagle Valley Eco-Fuel Brickenmore Natural Fire Starters Showcased in CT September 28!

Eagle Valley Eco-Fuel is heading to the Big E, where their Brickenmore Natural Fire Starters are being showcased by the State of Connecticut on September 28th! 

Brickenmore Fire Starters by Eagle Valley Eco FuelThis is a great opportunity for owner, Cindy Richey, whose life long goal to live truly green has lead to creating the  BRICKENMORE™ product line. All products are produced in the U.S.A., in fact, right in Connecticut’s farmland!  Her love of nature and its precious creatures, waterways and natural habitats has led her to create Eagle Valley Eco Fuel, Inc., which offers only natural, affordable, renewable, environmentally friendly fire starter products. 

Brickenmore Fire Starters by Eagle Valley Eco FuelEagle Valley Eco-Fuel is no longer just for camping or outdoor use!  They have moved into a larger manufacturing facility, hired employees, and will be adding Heating Bricks and Fire Logs this Fall.  Cindy is excited, and her work to recycle horse manure into these truly renewable products is an exciting step forward for all of us who love to build safe, sustainable fires! Camp fires, backyard fires, fires in our living rooms.  Thank you, Eagle Valley Eco-Fuel, for keeping our home fires, and all our fires, burning green!

You can contact Cindy at her office in CT at 860-872-1200, Ext. 102. 

Prevent West Nile Virus with Natural Insect Repellents

Climate Change is bringing a rise in West Nile Virus.

Prevent West Nile Virus with Natural Insect Repellents. These safe natural repellents are very effective.  We use them personally in California, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Mid West. Protect yourself and your family with Natural Insect Repellents containing Lemon Eucalyptus and other aromatherapy essential oils.

Consumer Reports, the FDA and CDC have analyzed the effectiveness of lemon eucalyptus to deter bites, and they all find it is just as effective as brands that contain more toxic chemicals. Aroma For Health adds Lemon Eucalyptus to all their repellents as a sure way to avoid mosquitoes and DEET!

Patchouli and Citronella Natural Insect Repellents by Aroma For Health

Patchouli and Citronella Natural Insect Repellents by Aroma For Health

Aroma For Health offers Patchouli  and Citronella insect repellents. You will be surprised at how good these repellents smell! Patchouli smells great when combined with citrus scents like lemon eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils. Patchouli is the longest lasting natural scent.

Aromatherapy is antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal — The best way to prevent West Nile Virus is to protect yourself and your family from getting bitten by mosquitoes that transmit the disease.

Ways you can reduce Mosquito Breeding:

Empty standing pools of water. This includes watering cans, gutters and drains, baby pools, old tires, and anything else that can trap water long enough for a mosquito to lay eggs.
Keep water moving in ponds and fountains. Put some fish or frogs in the pond to eat up mosquito larvae.
Fill in trenches. Fill them in with gravel or dirt.
Set traps. Traps lure mosquitoes into an inescapable container, where they lay their eggs and then die when they can’t escape. If you can get several neighbors to use the traps, you get more control throughout the neighborhood. Traps are more effective than electric bug zappers, and use less energy, too.
Attract animals and other insects that eat mosquitoes. Bats, dragonflies, and birds are famous for eating millions of mosquitos. Put up bat and bird houses to provide more nesting areas for these friendly creatures, and plant flower gardens to attract dragonflies.

Ways to Reduce Mosquito bites:

Cover up at dawn and dusk, when mosquitos are more likely to be out.

Prevent Mosquito Bites with Natural Insect Repellents, burn Citronella candles, run a fan. 
You can make your own natural insect repellents using Lemon Eucalyptus and other essential oils you enjoy. Ask your local healthy food store to order Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil.  Also pick up a GLASS spray bottle, put about 25 drops of Essential Oil, fill with water and shake before using.  Essential Oils are very concentrated and will eat into plastic.  Buy all your skin care and body care products in GLASS if they contain essential Oils. Remember, plants make their scents to repel bugs!


Cotton Cloud Futon’s Organic Bedding: Cotton, Natural Wool, Wellspriing and Latex

I love Cotton Cloud Futons! They are environmentally conscious and very particular about all their fabrics, latex, cotton and wool — right down to the vetinary care of the sheep! Organic bedding is a part of greening our lifestyles.

Cotton Cloud Eco-Wool Pillow

Cotton Cloud Eco-Wool Pillow

Cotton Cloud handcrafts futons and mattresses along with a variety of soft goods, including luxurious wool mattress toppers, wool mattress pads, and comforters and pillows filled with Organic Cotton, Eco-Valley Wool, Wellspring™ Fiber, and Organic Latex!

Their current batch of Eco-Valley wool is a beautiful shade of honey with luxurious loft and long fibers making it a perfect choice for toppers, comforters and crafters alike. Currently there is plenty of cotton from Texas still to mill with organic cotton from the Texas Co-Operative on it’s way along with a bale of Wellspring.

Here is some more info on their natural and organic fibers:

Organic Cotton, Wool, Latex Twin Mattress by Cotton Cloud Futons

Organic Cotton, Wool, Latex Twin Mattress by Cotton Cloud Futons

Organic Cotton:  Sustainably farmed in Texas, and ideal for people who have extreme chemical sensitivities. 100% certified organically-grown cotton, without boric acid powder or mineral oil.

Eco-Valley Wool: (My Favorite after reading “Sheepish.”)Sustainably farmed in the Pacific NW, and created by blending wool from different sheep breeds. The fleece is cleaned and carded and chemical free.


Wellspring Supreme by Cotton Cloud Futons

Wellspring Supreme Futon Mattress

Wellspring Fiber: Wellspring is a revolutionary material that utilizes the second use of plastics. It’s a virgin fiber that is generated from recycled polyethylene, familiar to you as two liter beverage containers. It’s clean, odor free, nonallergenic, and very resilient. The fibers look and feel incredibly like cotton; fluffy, soft, and very finely textured. GreenWomanStore customers attest to the softness of their Wellspring!

Cotton Cloud manufactures a variety of futon mattresses and lovely quilted wool shells for latex mattresses. These are sewn in house by our busy team of seamstresses. They add a quality look and feel to any latex product.  Here are some examples:

Camping Green and Loving It!

Karmic Krunch gluten-free snack mix with lots of nutsWhat we need when we are outdoors is a continuation of our healthy lifestyle.  My favorite hiking snack is Karmic Krunch.  I am gluten-free, so I require grains that do not contain gluten.  I also want protein and I love the quantity and variety of nuts in Karmic Krunch.  Sugar content is also a concern.  This light gluten-free, vegan snack is sweetened with Agave which is lower on the glycemic index and I still get my sweet taste satisfied!

Brickenmore Fire Starters by Eagle Valley Eco Fuel

I also enjoy campfires, and I hate the smell of toxic firestarters!  We are so fortunate to have Brickenmore environmentally friendly, organic, affordable firestarters to offer.  And they are available in naturally scented options like Patchouli, Lavender and can you believe it, Rose!  Made in Connecticut by Cindy Richey’s woman owned business.


Vegware Plates and CutleryVegware compostable plates, cutlery and cups are the best part of green camping!  I love these products.  I never felt good about using plastic just because I was eating outdoors, and now we can be environmentally friendly hungry campers.  These products are available in family size packs or by the case for your business or large events.  Either way, you will feel good about your choice to camp green.

peace flags by MosaZoneAnd of course, we need Peace Flags for our campgrounds!  Handmade by MosaZone, these colorful peace flags are blank so you can write your own intentions on them.  Hang them from the trees, hang them from your tent.  Either way, you will enliven the forest and campgrounds with your well wishes!

Enjoy your Summer, and camp Green!  Oh yes, dont forget those natural insect repellents that smell like Mother Nature!

Going Green: What it takes

Brickenmore Fire Starters by Eagle Valley Eco Fuel

Brickenmore FireStarters made of natural field straw, horse manure, hay mixture, straw dust and paraffin by Eagle Valley Eco Fuel in Connecticut.

What it takes to “Go Green” is a lot of dedication!  Dedication to our children and future generations so that they will have the resources they need to thrive.  This is the concept Indigenous Peoples call, “Taking into consideration the next seven generations.”

Women's Power DVD by Max Dashu

A panoramic view of female leadership, creativity, wisdom, and courage, around the world and over thousands of years. Female spheres of power in politics, economics, religion, medicine, arts and letters. Women’s Power DVD by Max Dashu.

Going green requires dedication to the earth and her living, thriving resources that make our lives possible and equitable.  Dedication to our Self, for when we do what is truly right for our Self, it is right for everyone and the earth.  This is living in balance and we have done it in pre-history for thousands of years, everywhere on this planet, all cultures and in all traditions if we look back far enough.  This is the evidence of today’s  archeology and anthropology.

Ashley Urth Bag created from recycled juice boxes

Eco-Chic Handbags and Totes made from recycled juice boxes, magazines and shells by Urth Bags.

Today, we are fortunate to have lots of opportunities and alternatives.  Sustainable alternatives to restrictive ways of commerce and corporate greed.  We have many new small businesses starting up, growing right out of the soil of unemployment and the necessity of working where our passion leads us.

My favorite part of is hearing the stories of women entrepreneurs, and learning of the ways they act out their passions.  All ways that benefit consumers, families, women and the Earth.  Women are manufacturing products that inspire more products, inspiring more women around the world to live and consume sustainably.

Fashion Feeds Ethiopia Copper Beige Handmade Scarf

Handmade Scarves by Fashion Feeds Ethiopia

This is the best of capitalism.  These are the social dynamics that drive sustainable capitalism, the way we want it to be realized.  Products that enrich our lives and that make us feel proud we are making a contribution to healthy living, for the artists and manufacturers (Fair Trade), and our own families.

“Market Access” began in my mind twenty years ago when I learned of a study asking African village women what they needed most.  They cried out for “Market Access.” We all need market access for our goods and services.  I am proud and passionate about  Every day, we empower consumers and women entrepreneurs, solving everyday problems and wishes for a greening public that cares where it’s products come from.


Green Books to Grow A Healthier Lifestyle

Getting A Grip 2 by Frances Moore LappeWe all need new information for our new greener and healthier lifestyles.  Women authors are guiding our way with books for adults and children, and books written for all ages.  Frances Moore Lappe has been guiding our green palates for nearly 40 years with her revolutionary “Diet for a Small Planet.”  Now her daughter, Anna Lappe, is following in her mothers good footsteps with, “Diet for a Hot Planet.” 

These two important books educate us about how our food choices contribute to poverty, resource destruction and human exploitation.  Both books give us excting solutions so we can go forward feeling good about our purchases and our sustainable lifestyle.

365 Ways to Live Green for Kds by Sheri AmselNew and exciting books for children on how to “Think Fair Trade First,” the story of a sister and brother searching for a family gift and learning how shopping wisely can improve many people’s lives around the world.  “365 Ways to Live Green for Kids”  teaches children why organic food is tastier—and better—for them, how to protect plants and animals, and Earth Day celebrations.

Sudie Rakusin Coloring Book for Big GirlsAnd to promote exploration and stimulate a child’s imagination and sense of wonder, “I Love Dirt,” is a special gift for every family with young ones.  For girl children of all ages who love animals, Sudie Rakusin’s “Coloring Books for Big Girls,” are wonderful multi-cultural examples of strong women being part of the nature they inhabit.

Women's History for Beginners by Bonnie MorrisBooks about politics, the changes in women’s lives (fashion, sex and politics),and race, are all important books to remind us of our women’s history. Memoirs by women sharing their life experiences and humor.  All this literature is part of the greening of our minds, hearts and souls.  When we know the full story behind our actions, we are able to go forward in strength, truth and sustainability.

 Read green, teach green, and live green, a beautiful choice for all of us to share!

Empowering Consumers and Women Entrepreneurs

Bayberry Naturals Bar Soaps

Bayberry Naturals Bar Soaps gently cleanse with organic oils, essential oils, botanical extracts, berries, seeds, leaves and roots.

Our Goal at is to Empower  Consumers and Women Entrepreneurs,  building “Connected Consumerism.” 

We want to empower women who have great ideas and exciting products at all levels of their business life, while at the same time helping consumers feel that their purchases benefit and are connected to community, earth friendly manufacturing, ethical business practices, fairness and fair trade — where every purchase feels good and safe for our families and our environment. 

Why our focus on women?  Studies show that when resources are directed toward the women, everyone benefits! Gender equality is crucial for conservation, sustainable development, and equitable benefit sharing. Women entrepreneurs make informed choices and negotiate outcomes that balance biodiversity, conservation, and

Venus of Laussel, France

Venus of Laussel, France, depicting women 25,000 years ago making the connection between the 13 lunar cycles of the year and their 13 yearly menstrual cycles.

human development needs. 10,000 years ago, we women invented/developed agriculture based on our menstrual connection to lunar cycles. Women are intimately and economically connected to earth and her resources.

Our passion and dedication is to “Woman-Identified Sustainable Development,” putting women and our experiences back at the center of development strategies. We offer products for sale that are sustainable development solutions, products created by women and woman owned businesses, products derived out of women’s cultures and lifelong experiences, earth friendly manufacturing practices and ethical business practices. is woman owned, operated, and financed.

Break the plastic bag habit with Reusable Bags!

Bunch Bags reusable produce bagsOne of my favorite products on GreenWomanStore is Bunch Bags.  Created out of Amy Ferguson’s passion and concern for marine life, these reusable produce bags are one big step toward shopping green. I feel so much better not bringing home those plastic produce bags that just pile up with no purpose. Let’s break the plastic bag habit with Reusable Bags!

100% polyester for durability and machine washing. Bunch Bags Resist mildew and moisture, they won’t shrink and are stain resistant. Bunch Bags are the next logical step in reducing waste.

plastic kills, use Bunch Bags
plastic kills, use Bunch Bags

It’s not pretty what our addiction to plastic is doing to marine life.  It is this experience that inspired Amy to start her business and create a sustainable tool for shoppers.


Reusable Washable Produce Bags by Bunch Bags

Bunch Bags, reusable and washable!

Bunch Bags donates a percentage of profits to local green charities that make our world a better place. This is just one more way in which Bunch Bags is taking a leadership role and making a difference in our world.  Let’s break the plastic bag habit!




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Eco-Friendly Reusable Produce Bags

Eco-Friendly Reusable Produce Bags

Studies show that when resources are directed toward the women, everyone benefits! Gender equality is crucial for conservation, sustainable development, and equitable benefit sharing. Women entrepreneurs make informed choices and negotiate outcomes that balance biodiversity, conservation, and human development needs.

venus of lausse 30,000 bce

Venus of Laussel, France 25,000 BCE pictured here is a limestone bas-relief of a strong ancient woman painted with red ochre making the connection between the 13 lunar cycles of the year and her 13 synchronistic menstrual cycles.

10,000 years ago, we women invented/developed agriculturebased on our menstrual connection to lunar cycles. Women are intimately and economically connected to earth and her resources.

Twenty years ago, we never believed shopping green would become so popular.  I feel that buying woman made will be the next giant step forward for green consumers in our efforts toward connected consumerism.  Empower women entrepreneurs who have great ideas and exciting products, while feeling that your purchases benefit and are connected to community, earth friendly manufacturing, ethical business practices, fairness and fair trade — where every purchase feels good and safe for our families and our environment. Brava, connected consumerism!