Green Cleaning Coach Leslie Reichert at Lean Into Green

Leslie Reichert the Green Cleaning Coach at Lean Into Green Online EducationLeslie Reichert will take you on a green cleaning tour of your home, garden, and automobile, with tips and tricks for cleaning green! Join us at Lean Into Green!

Leslie has recipes, 30 second videos, safe cleaning products, and all the reasons for using them. Learn about cleaning chocolate and wine stains permanently, completely, and safely.  Save money and your health with 4 basic cleaning products in your grocery isle: Vinegar, Salt, Baking Soda and Lemon Juice. Save money, water and cleaning products with “Bucketless Mopping.” Learn about blue microfiber cloths to make the inside of your car windows sparkle, and so much more! Here are some of the questions we asked her:

Q. What are some easy green cleaning tips and tricks for those of us just beginning to “Go Green.”
Q. What tips and tricks do you have for us to use in our gardens and backyards?
Q. And what about party clean ups?
Q. Vacuums are sometimes a difficult issue for us.  Can you talk to us about vacuum cleaners?
Q. What about those dryer balls? Are they green?
Q. What are some of the health benefits of cleaning greener? Especially in regards to breast cancer?
Q. Removing candle wax from our tablecloths is always a problem. Do you have some simple tricks for us?

Leslie Reichert is a nationally-recognized green homekeeping expert dedicated to educating us on keeping our homes, schools and work areas green and clean.  Leslie helps teach simple steps to keeping families and pets safe from hidden toxins and their health risks. Her mission is to teach and encourage us in the “art” of green homekeeping.

Leslie is the founder and president of The Green-Clean University, offering programs and products for green lifestyle management.  Leslie is a consultant and TV personality appearing on Martha Stewart Living Radio and ABC News. She is also the author of the book “The Joy of Green Cleaning.:

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