Earth Day Feminism with Farmer Denise O’Brien at WFAN

Earth Day Feminism with Denise O'Brien and WFANWe interviewed Denise O’Brien for our Feminism & Sustainability Telesummit. You can listen to that interview here. Earth Day Feminism for those of us in and out of agriculture!

Women farm differently and we farm a lot more sustainably. We are changing the face of agriculture. Women own over 50% of rented farmland in the U.S., and grow 75% of the world’s food. CSAs allow consumers to share in the risk and help break the farmer debt cycle. Land Trusts are leasing farmland to beginning farmers. Hear the good news of Feminism and Sustainability!

“My life has been devoted to raising women’s voices in agriculture. My dream is that the landscape of industrialized agriculture will change as women become the decision makers on their land. To that end, I will devote my time on this earth — to women, prairie restoration, and seed saving.”

Denise O’Brien is a woman whose life has been devoted to raising women’s voices in agriculture. She married a farmer and became one at a time when women still called themselves “farmer’s wives.”

Denise O’Brien is the Founder of the Women, Food, and Agriculture Network, a community of women in sustainable agriculture. Denise was president of the National Family Farm Coalition, and a USDA adviser in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. She received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Iowa Farmer’s Union, and in 2000, Denise was inducted into Iowa’s Women’s Hall of Fame.

Listen to our free interview with Denise O’Brien here

Here’s a timeline of Denise’s work and life:

1970s – Denise married a farmer and learned how to drive a tractor, plant crops, and care for animals. She learned that the language of farming is about the weather, the soil, and fertility.

l980s – The Farm Crisis hit, and Denise met a lot of women farmers calling themselves farmer’s wives. Denise read “The Invisible Farmer” and “Farmer’s Wives,” and learned that women farmers everywhere were stepping forward and adding to the economic well-being of their families. Feminism was growing among women in agriculture and they began seeing themselves as farmers.

1990s – Denise did international work and found out that 75% of the world’s food is grown by women without any recognition. That’s when she started WFAN to link and amplify women’s voices, and to address the insurance and pay inequality of the time.

2000 – Corporations own everything from beginning to end, and farmers had become the “workers.” Women were at the forefront, sounding the alarms, regarding GMOs, fracking, pesticide use, and the connections between processed foods and health issues.

2015 – Due to women living longer than men, women are inheriting family farms. Women own more than half of the “rented” farmland in the U.S., but men continue to make the decisions. WFAN’s Programs are linking and empowering women to build food systems and communities that are healthy, just and sustainable.

Women, Food and Agriculture Network WFANCommunity Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farms are increasing in number. You buy a membership and receive a weekly box of seasonal produce. This is a way for consumers to share in the risk the farmers take with weather and pests, and to help break the “cycle of debt” for the farmers by providing dependable economic support.

Women are farming smaller sized farms with the goal of feeding their communities. Food to eat vs. commodity crops.

Some women are donating their farmland to Land Trusts to keep their land in crop production in perpetuity. Land Trusts are then leasing this farmland to beginning farmers who could not otherwise afford to get into farming.

Feminism and Sustainability TelesummitDenise speaks at conferences and events on topics like women and agriculture policy, organic agriculture, practical approaches to organic farming, women’s relationship to the land, sustainable living, food security and international perspectives on women in agriculture.

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Lean Into Green with Denise O’Brien on Women, Food and Agriculture
earth day feminism Denise O'Brien - Women, Food and Agriculture

We also interviewed Denise O’Brien
for our Lean Into Green Telesummit

Deepen your connection to your food and to the land!
From the farm, to the U.N., to State Politics, and back to the land, Denise O’Brien shares farm facts and information on Prairie Restoration and Seed Saving. 

Lean Into Green Telesummit at greenwomanstore.comLearn how women’s commitment to our communities, and our relationship to the land, has women farming organically on ten to twenty-acre farms. Experience the growth of sustainable farming first hand!

WFAN is a community of women in sustainable agriculture whose mission it is to link and empower women to build food systems and communities that are healthy, just, sustainable, and that promote environmental integrity.



Woman Secretary General of the UN

woman secretary general of the unWouldn’t it be wonderful if the United Nations were grounded in the InterConnectedness of Women-Identified Sustainability? We have had 8 males, but never a Woman Secretary General of the UN — even though women represent half the world’s population. OUR 9TH SHOULD BE A WOMAN!

So, in 2015, a group of like-minded women came together to launch a campaign to elect a Woman Secretary General of the UN when Ban Ki-moon steps down at the end of 2016.

CAMPAIGN TO ELECT A WOMAN UN SECRETARY-GENERAL – This group represents women from academia and civil society with a long record of engagement with the United Nations. Through an initial series of discussions, they decided that the time had come for a woman to lead the Organization and formed a core planning group to enact a plan of action. It’s time!

The most frequently used excuse for not selecting women for top positions is that there are not enough qualified women to choose from:  No More Excuses!

WOMEN SECRETARY GENERAL OF THE UN“Women have long breached the glass ceiling in international organizations – it’s no longer competence vs gender vs geography.” Shazia Rafi, former Secretary-General, Parliamentarians for Global Action 1996-2013. The first woman to serve in this office.

Outstanding Women from Around the World  – A list o women A to Z of candidates for Woman Secretary General of the UN. Before the election of a new UN Secretary-General at the end of 2016, this campaign will roll out a series of biographies of outstanding women to demonstrate the depth and richness of talented and experienced women in high-level positions from all regions of the globe. Follow this link to peer into the list as it grows, and search by region.

woman secretary general of the un Ameerah HaqWoman of the Week: Ameerah Haq is an expert on U.N. Peace Keeping. She is originally from E. Pakistan, now Bangladesh. She has worked with the UN for 4 decades.

Ms. Haq currently serves as the Vice Chair of the High-Level Independent Panel on Peace. She is the Former Under-Secretary General for Field Support, and Humanitarian Coordinator for Afghanistan 2004 to 2007, and Sudan from 2007 to 2009. Emeerah Haq’s “Woman of the Week” profile here.

Please get to know Ameerah Haq in her own words on U.N. Peace Keeping.

The UN is 70 years old — This is a lifetime. Let us make sure that in the next lifetime of the UN, its leadership includes women of merit and nerve, significantly gifted to make the UN work:

 Join the Campaign Here               Donate Here           YouTube Here

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We interviewed Feminists on this and other subjects. 

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Non-Toxic Kids with Katy Farber at Lean Into GreenKaty Farber says, “We can and do have an impact as parents. We can organize and act on issues of children’s health…Climate Change is a children’s health issue. We need to protect our kids from significant pollution.” We can buy organic dairy, and store our foods in Mason Jars vs. plastic, to reduce our family’s exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals. Katy Farber teaches Service Learning: finding and solving problems in local communities to increase children’s self-esteem, and to change a community’s perception of kids and teens.

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Dr. Asoka Bandarage at Lean Into Green Online Education

Dr. Asoka Bandarage at Lean Into Green Online EducationHere is the story of Wholeness! On Day 10 of Lean Into Green, Dr. Asoka Bandarage has gathered for us, the connections between all things human and environmental.

Our health, wealth, and happiness go hand-in-hand with sustainable development.  She speaks of our growing consciousness of interrelatedness, and our collective economic dilemma and environmental survival.  Listen, and be encouraged by the unsustainability of dualism as we move from domination to partnership, with each other and with the earth. 

Dr. Asoka Bandarage is an Author, Professor, Researcher, and Policy Analyst.  She has most recently authored “Sustainability and Well-Being: The Middle Path to Environment, Society, and the Economy.” She has taught at universities and colleges in the U.S. and abroad.

In the l980’s, Dr. Bandarage spoke about a Feminist World View and Global Agenda for Peace and Development.  Her research interests include social philosophy and consciousness; environmental sustainability, human well-being and health, global politics and economics, ethnicity and gender, population and social movements, and South Asia.

Listen in and hear about a well-being that includes the physical, mental, spiritual, and environmental — for the larger community – the world!

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Charlene Spretnak at Lean Into Green Online Education

Charlene Spretnak at Lean Into GreenJoin us today, on Day 6 of our free Lean Into Green Online Education. Charlene Spretnak will talk about her newest book, Relational Reality: New Discoveries of Interrelatedness that are Transforming the Modern World.

In 1970, Earth Day ecologized religion and our thinking, and now climate change has us connecting even deeper.  Profoundly corrective and unexpected scientific discoveries are documenting a relational reality that is both new and ancient.  Physiology, healing, our I.Q. , and reality, are all now believed to be relational.  Strong evidence for hope that a change in our thinking, and a sustainable future, are both possible!

Charlene Spretnak helped to co-found the Green Party Movement in the U.S. with her 1980’s book, “Green Politics.” She is an Author and Activist, and has been named one of Britain’s “100 Eco-Heroes of All Time.” Charlene writes on the subject of Dynamic Relatedness.  She has written 8 books on this subject, and we are very happy to have her join Lean Into Green as we talk about “Going Green” as a lifestyle, and all that that encompasses.

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