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kitchen tips by kristi marshHere’s a summary of Quick Nontoxic Kitchen Tips for Cleaning from the Savvy Women’s Alliance. Founder, Kristi Marsh, published her book “Little Changes” to help us all make our homes safer and to  prevent the cancer experience she survived with these tips. Listen to Kristi’s talk here. 

Kristi Marsh is a Breast Cancer Warrior! Diagnosed with aggressive Stage 3 Cancer, she has become a nationally recognized advocate for women’s environmental health. Hear the “Little Changes” she made that help us deal with toxins in our home, environment, and personal care products.

Kitchen Tips:

Check Labels  Don’t buy anything that contains ammonia, bleach, sodium hydroxide (lye), butyl cellosolve, triclosan, and petroleum distillates.

Supplies   Diluted vinegar or diluted castile soap is all you typically need to clean your kitchen unless raw meat touches a surface. Then use food-grade hydrogen peroxide.

Light Touches    Dust builds up with toxic chemicals, so clean, dust and vacuum.

Simple Tip   Use diluted vinegar to wipe off stainless steel appliances and the inside of your refrigerator.

Hand Washing  Washing with soap and water has been shown to be effective and safer than antibacterial soaps.

Just as Easy   Opening windows is the easiest way to freshen and clean the air pollution.

Food Packaging   Transfer prepared foods into glass containers before putting them in the refrigerator. Thermal sticker labels are often coated with BPA or BPS hormone-disruptors.

Speaking of Containers   Replace plastic containers with stainless steel or glass. Hot dishwashers degrades plastic making it more likely to leach into your food.

Consider how you line pans:  Avoid aluminum foil particularly with foods that are acidic or high in fats. Also, avoid oven liners and nonstick products. They contain perfluorochemicals and generate toxic fumes at regular cooking/baking temperatures.

Spills Happen   Do your best to avoid spills in the oven, which is easier than cleaning them up. If pans are too full and likely to spill over, place a piece of aluminum foil on the lower rack to catch any drips.

If You Have To  The self-clean cycle on your oven impairs indoor air quality. Open all of the windows and leave your home while the cycle is running.

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Preventing Cancer with Audra Conklin

Preventing Cancer with Audra Conklin - Control What You Can: Your HomePreventing Cancer with Audra Conklin, “Control What You Can: Your Home”

In our Telesummit Series, “Preventing Cancer: Exposing the Environmental Causes” we explored toxins, radiation, hormone disruptors, cell phones, sunscreens, fluoride, fracking, GMOs, flame retardants and BPA — and Steps You Can Take To Prevent Cancer and its Recurrence.  

Audra Conklin is the former owner of Modern Mermaids Eco-Products. She built her business with kitchen chemistry and Essential Oils, sleepless nights and a lot of humor. She manufactured and sold non-toxic cleaning products in a very competitive market. Audra grew up “green” so she has walked the walk her entire life. She educates the public and businesses on switching out your toxic products for non-toxic ones. You can listen free to Audra Conklin’s interview here!

In our interview, Audra taught us about the connections between Allergens, Asthma, Scented Candles, Plug-Ins, and Air Fresheners — and how eliminating the very small daily doses of these toxins can help prevent chronic health problems, cancer, and it’s recurrence.

She had some good advice for us to get started:

  • Switch out a product or a room at a time with safer healthier products.
  • “Fragrance” means synthetic, made in a lab with petrochemicals.Fragrances can cause health problems, neurotoxicity, headaches and breathing problems. Synthetic Fragrances are irritants, allergens, and can cause Asthma. The good news is most Asthma is preventable.
  • Safely wash hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds.Triclosan in Anti-Bacterial Soaps, Toothpastes, and Fabrics may be associated with endocrine and hormonal toxicity, allergenic effects, organ toxicity, eye and skin irritation, and is suspected of being a carcinogen and environmental toxin.

Preventing Cancer: Exposing the Environmental Causes



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Preventing Cancer in Your Home

Beth Greer on preventing cancer in your homeWe interviewed Beth Greer, an environmental health expert and best-selling author of “Super Natural Home.” Beth shared practical and affordable ways to eliminate carcinogens and other toxic chemicals found in everyday products.

“A Healthy Home Creates a Healthy Body!” 

Beth’s first-hand experience of eliminating a sizable tumor in her chest without drugs or surgery by making small but significant lifestyle shifts is a great example for us all that Cancer can be healed, and that we have the power and the tools to do just that.

We do have to make safe and healthy product choices. We do have to read labels on food, personal care products and cleaning products. And we do need a greater awareness that what goes IN, ON and AROUND us, radically impacts our health and vitality.

“The average woman uses 9 personal care products a day, containing over 100 unique ingredients, some of which are linked to cancer and reproductive harm. Start giving your personal care products a safety makeover.” Women’s Voices for the Earth

Especially important is our use of safe and natural menstruation supplies, water filters, and EMF radiation protection. Diet plays an important role as research teaches us that some sugar replacements cause and feed cancers. I remember going to a friend’s memorial who had died of cancer, and seeing that the foods served by her family were full of carcinogens. She was a mother who wanted to live, and who wanted her family to be healthy. She didn’t have the benefit of the information we have today.

We interviewed Beth Greer, a woman who has personal experience with making lifestyle changes for family and mother health. We learned a lot. We know you will too.

Join us on this collective quest to find real cures, our lives and our family’s health depend on it.  LISTEN HERE Preventing Cancer with Beth Greer: Good Health Starts in Your Home: Learn How to Purge Your Home of Products that Have Health Risks   

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You will hear from Scientists, Environmental Researchers, Political Activists, Nutritionists, and Women Survivors. Meet Your Experts here. 

Learn steps you can take to help prevent cancer and its recurrence.



Preventing Environmental Cancer – Protecting Those You Love

Preventing Cancer Telesummit at GreenWomanStore.comOctober is Cancer Awareness Month. 51% of all cancers are environmental, an astonishing new statistic. At Green Woman Store, we believe it’s important to increases our awareness of the environmental causes of cancer — to expose and explore the growing evidence of cancer’s environmental connections.

We interviewed Kristi Marsh, a Breast Cancer Warrior and a Rockstar Advocate! She was diagnosed with aggressive Stage 3 Cancer, and has become a nationally recognized advocate for women’s environmental health. She also wrote a book, “Little Changes” sharing what she learned and steps she took that can help us all deal with toxins in our home, environment, and personal care products — and preventing environmental cancer.

kristi marsh interview on preventing environmental cancers“In 2007, I just wanted ‘just’ to build a better body for my children and myself and it was books that filled my mind. It was books I turned to when I had no more than two people in my life talk about things like endocrine disrupters or GMOS. Too afraid to think everyone else would observe me as woo-woo, out there, or maybe on a crazy post chemo warpath. At the time, I had so many questions and no answers. I had frustrations and few options. And even less options that were hopeful.” Little Changes, 2014 Evergreen Gold Medal Winner!

Preventing Environmental Cancer with Kristi Marsh – Protecting Those You Love. LISTEN TO OUR INTERVIEW HERE

When Kristi was diagnosed, she had 3 children at home. She started with a spreadsheet full of facts about toxins that cause cancer.

little changes by kristi marshIn Kristi’s interview and in her book, she shares woman to woman, the “Little Changes” she made that help us move through the emotions of dealing with toxins in our home, environment, and personal care products. We’re all advocates when we share articles, books, emails, etc., with our friends, family and colleagues. Advocacy is something women do naturally, because we care.

In Kristi’s case, advocacy also means marching on City Hall and Washington D.C., bringing the attention of the press, elected officials, and mainstream women to these issues.

Kristi will encourage you in small meaningful ways to become a role model for others and an advocate for a healthier environment. The good Preventing Cancer Telesummit at GreenWomanStore.comnews she shares is that you don’t have to do this alone. She shares tools, resources, and lessons she learned from her journey from mainstream mom to advocate and educator. She assists us all in creating not just a healthy home, but a better world.

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You will hear from Scientists, Environmental Researchers, Political Activists, Nutritionists, and Women Survivors. Meet Your Experts here.


100% Natural Sun Protection

100% Natural Paleo Sun Protection by Primal Life OrganicsIf you are like me, you’re hearing a lot of new information about Sunscreens causing more harm than good. While daily exposure to the sun is essential to your overall health, 100% Natural Sun Protection is difficult to find.

We’re excited to share one woman entrepreneur’s recipe for Paleo 100% natural sun protection. SunUp Before Sun Protector by Primal Life Organics is Organic, Paleo, Gluten Free, Vegan and Handcrafted. It’s truly Cavegirl Skincare that works for Caveboys too!

– 100% natural ingredients
– Full strength (NO Water)
– Sun-Up Balms are designed to stay on the skin and repel water while protecting your skin and your internal body
– Sun-Up has been tested and has remained on the skin for hours after application and water activity
– A VERY little bit goes a VERY long way
– Broad-spectrum protection from damaging UV-A and UV-B rays.

sunup before sun protection by primal life organics starts with raspberry seed oilIt all starts with Red Raspberry Oil which has an SPF of 25-50 and contains vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that protect you against free radical damage. Free radicals in the body can cause health issues such as cancer, immune suppression and signs of aging. Commercial sunscreens contains chemicals that promote free radical damage, and when you add that to sun exposure, the sun becomes your foe – not your friend!

SunUp Ulta Balm and Roll-On Stick contain Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, a non-toxic, and typically non-irritating, effective broad-spectrum sunblock. “Non-Nano” means that the zinc particles are too large to be absorbed through the skin. The zinc particles sit on the outermost layer of your skin, scattering and absorbing UVA and UVB rays, protecting the skin below.

The Ingredient List is all things familiar! Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Pure Filtered Beeswax*, Avocado Oil*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Virgin Coconut Oil*, Vitamin E Oil*, and Essential Oils of Carrot Seed*, Lavender*, Myrrh*, and Sandalwood*.

Trina Felber, founder of Primal Life OrganicsMeet our Woman Entrepreneur of the week: Trina Felber, RN, BSN, MSN, CRNA, CEO and Founder of Primal Life Organics. Trina is a true 21st Century Cavegirl in search of other 21st Century cavemen and women looking for quality skincare that “fits” their lifestyle and habits. She is a wife, mother of three, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, CrossFitter, Paleo advocate, and educator.

Learn more about SunUp Before Sun Protector in this lively video with the enthusiastic creators discussing the benefits, cost, ingredients, and comparison to commercial sunscreens.



Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor spaces. Here are some tips to improve indoor air quality in your home and office:

– Open your windows daily.

As soon as the weather warms up, open your windows and let in that fresh air. When the weather is still cool, open them up during the warmest part of the day for a fresh invigorating breath of fresh air. When the days are going to be hot, open your windows early in the morning, and then close them up to keep the house cool. Nature’s air conditioning is the safest and most refreshing.

African Violets to help clean your indoor air quality– Bring plants indoors, they actually create clean air.

There are any number of flowering and non-flowering plants that do well indoors and are not toxic to cats and dogs. My favorite at the moment are African Violets which I am actually getting to rebloom with a product named VF11 that can be used indoors and out to increase flowering. The secret with orchids and African violets is not to overwater. Once a week is enough, and test the soil to make sure it is dry before watering. These plants are natural to rainforest where the ground is sheltered from direct hot sun, so mimic that environment for your plants if they are not friends with hot sunny windows.

grow herbs in your window sills to clean your indoor air quality– Grow herbs in your window sills to save money and improve indoor air.

Many herbs are antiviral and antibacterial, such as thyme, basil, dill, oregano, garden sage, and others. And if they are right in front of you when you are in the kitchen, you are more likely to include them in your salads, sandwiches, and main dishes. People around the world use their food as medicine, and we can too!

Use natural non-toxic body products that don't off gas toxins– Use skin products that are safe for all family members.

“The average woman uses 9 personal care products a day, containing over 100 unique ingredients, some of which are linked to cancer and reproductive harm. Start giving your personal care products a safety makeover.” Women’s Voices for the Earth. We know that what you put on your skin is in your your blood and filtered through your liver. Make sure it is nourishing!

– Don’t use candles and air fresheners with the word “fragrance” on the label.

Fragrances are especially toxic and contain any number of carcinogens and neurotoxins. Manufacturers are protected from telling us what ingredients make up their proprietary fragrance recipes, so beware. Buy and use products that use natural ingredients for scent. Essential Oils of familiar plants like lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass and others are scents you can trust. Essential Oils come in small 1/4 to 1 oz. bottles and can be found at all your healthy food stores.

The Joy of Green Cleaning by Leslie Reichert– Use vinegar and baking soda to clean with.

There are many new products on the market that are safe with ingredient lists you can understand. You can make your own cleaning supplies by adding water to the last couple ounces of table vinegar and putting a spray top on the bottle. We use this for cleaning counter tops, breadboards, tables, stove tops, floor spots, and more. Easy and affordable.

– IMPORTANT: Don’t use dryer sheets or laundry detergents with fragrance.

Synthetic fragrances that last many hours or days are particularly hazardous to your health and your indoor air quality. Bed sheets and clothes that off gas fragrance neurotoxins are particularly hazardous. Many detergents now come Fragrance Free!. These are your safest choices. Add a little lavender or peppermint Essential Oil to your laundry if you want a real clean fresh smell. And dry clothes outside whenever possible to save on gas and electricity. Solar is still available for free:)

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Rachel Carson and Dioxin – Today’s #1 Toxin

Rachel Carson and DioxinsWhat Would Rachel Carson’s #1 Toxic Chemical be Today? Dioxin

Rachel Carson’s concerns were that toxins “break the connections of life.” Her 1962 book, Silent Spring, began the Environmental Movement in the U.S. Rachel Carson’s warnings were about Chlorinated Hydrocarbons such as DDT, the most dangerous chemical of her time. Today, those same dangerous chlorinated hydrocarbons appear in industrial solvents, pesticides, and our nonstick pans and cookware, patented as Teflon, but now manufactured by many brands.

dioxin paper mill - rachel carson and dioxin blog

Chlorine is used to bleach the paper and the waste is dumped into our lakes and rivers. The chlorine, then bonds to organic matters and creates Organchlorines such as Dioxin.

Today’s #1 toxic chemicals — besides nuclear — are Organochlorides called Dioxins. They are mutagenic, carcinogenic, and have deleterious effects on the environment, and on human reproductive, immune, and nervous systems. Dioxins are the DDT of today!

Dioxins are the by-products of a wide range of manufacturing processes that include smelting, chlorine bleaching of paper pulp, and the manufacturing of some herbicides, germicides and pesticides.

Dioxins are some of the most toxic chemicals known on earth. They commonly appear in our lakes and rivers, in breastmilk, and in our tampons, facial and toilet paper, disposable diapers, and paper towels. Once dioxins enter the body, they last a long time because of their chemical stability and their ability to be absorbed by fat tissue, where they are then stored in the body. More than 90% of human exposure is through food, mainly meat and dairy products, fish and shellfish. Contaminated animal feed is often the root-cause of food contamination. Babies can be exposed through breast milk.

Dioxins are highly toxic and can cause reproductive and developmental problems, damage the immune system, interfere with hormones and also cause cancer. The complications that these products cause may not become evident for years or decades.

“In the early 1990’s, the Endometriosis Association found that 79% of a group of monkeys developed endometriosis after exposure to dioxin in their food during a research study over ten years earlier. The severity of endometriosis found in the monkeys was directly related to the amount of T.C.D.D. (2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin — the most toxic dioxin) to which they had been exposed. Monkeys that were fed dioxin in amounts as small as five parts per trillion developed endometriosis. In addition, the dioxin-exposed monkeys showed immune abnormalities similar to those observed in women with endometriosis.” The Endometriosis Association

Due to the omnipresence of dioxins, all people have background exposure and a certain level of dioxins in their body. Due to the high toxic potential of this class of compounds, the World Health Organization (WHO) says that efforts need to be undertaken to reduce current background exposure.

Actions you can take:

detox-the-box-videoUse non-chlorinated dioxin-free organic tampons and paper products.

Become a Vegan – Save your Self and the World by eating green!

Join and Donate to Women’s Voices’ “Detox the Box” Campaign

Follow and Donate to the Breast Cancer Fund’s “Tips for Prevention” 

Listen FREE to our Preventing Cancer Telesummit: Exposing the Environmental Causes 

Certified Toxic Free Skin Care – Why Is This Important?

Susan Stucki Certified Toxic Free Skin CareThe Toxic Free Foundation has certified each of Susan Stucki’s skin care products to be 100% toxic free. This Certification means that all of Susan’s products are made with only the purest ingredients. Each ingredient is natural and free of harmful chemicals that would introduce toxins into your system.

Certified Toxic Free Skin Care by Susan Stucki at GreenWomanStore.comWhy is this important? Everything we put on our skin goes directly into our blood stream and our organ system — our skin is our largest organ! Toxic Free Skin Care is one of the most important health care decisions we make on a daily basis. Susan’s message to the world is “Celebrate Life”. We can best do this by staying healthy.

Certified Toxic Free Skin Care by Susan Stucki at GreenWomanStore.comSusan has just added her line of certified toxic free skin care to GreenWomanStore’s natural beauty and health products. And for a short time, you will receive a FREE $25 Perfection Crème when you purchase her Divine Skin Care Collection.

Certified Toxic Free Skin Care Susan Stucki Color Connection at

This Collection has it all! Cleanser, Purifying Cleansing Pads, Exfoliator, Toner,  Hydrating Mist, Intense Repair Serum, Eye Gel, Moisturizer and Satin Replenishing Creme. Certified 100% Toxic Free. FREE Perfection Creme!

Enjoy the power of products that will cleanse, exfoliate, tone, treat and moisturize.  The certified toxic free Divine Skin Care Collection includes Rosemary Mint Cleanser, Purifying Cleansing Pads, SeaFoam Exfoliator, Lavender Toner, Rose Hydrating Mist, Intense Repair Serum, Blue Sapphire Gel, Citrus Moisturizer and Satin Replenishing Creme will energize your system while rounding up those free radicals.

With a passion for color, Susan Stucki has dedicated her adult life to helping women enhance and simplify their lives. Susan is a makeup artist, skin care specialist, wardrobe consultant. She is an innovator in the image industry, teaching that in order to live your life to the fullest you must first feel good about whom you are and the image you present.  She has illuminated and delighted thousands with her wit, charm, and enthusiasm.

Thank you for shopping Fair Trade, Green, and Woman Made at


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Prevent West Nile Virus with Natural Insect Repellents

Climate Change is bringing a rise in West Nile Virus.

Prevent West Nile Virus with Natural Insect Repellents. These safe natural repellents are very effective.  We use them personally in California, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Mid West. Protect yourself and your family with Natural Insect Repellents containing Lemon Eucalyptus and other aromatherapy essential oils.

Consumer Reports, the FDA and CDC have analyzed the effectiveness of lemon eucalyptus to deter bites, and they all find it is just as effective as brands that contain more toxic chemicals. Aroma For Health adds Lemon Eucalyptus to all their repellents as a sure way to avoid mosquitoes and DEET!

Patchouli and Citronella Natural Insect Repellents by Aroma For Health

Patchouli and Citronella Natural Insect Repellents by Aroma For Health

Aroma For Health offers Patchouli  and Citronella insect repellents. You will be surprised at how good these repellents smell! Patchouli smells great when combined with citrus scents like lemon eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils. Patchouli is the longest lasting natural scent.

Aromatherapy is antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal — The best way to prevent West Nile Virus is to protect yourself and your family from getting bitten by mosquitoes that transmit the disease.

Ways you can reduce Mosquito Breeding:

Empty standing pools of water. This includes watering cans, gutters and drains, baby pools, old tires, and anything else that can trap water long enough for a mosquito to lay eggs.
Keep water moving in ponds and fountains. Put some fish or frogs in the pond to eat up mosquito larvae.
Fill in trenches. Fill them in with gravel or dirt.
Set traps. Traps lure mosquitoes into an inescapable container, where they lay their eggs and then die when they can’t escape. If you can get several neighbors to use the traps, you get more control throughout the neighborhood. Traps are more effective than electric bug zappers, and use less energy, too.
Attract animals and other insects that eat mosquitoes. Bats, dragonflies, and birds are famous for eating millions of mosquitos. Put up bat and bird houses to provide more nesting areas for these friendly creatures, and plant flower gardens to attract dragonflies.

Ways to Reduce Mosquito bites:

Cover up at dawn and dusk, when mosquitos are more likely to be out.

Prevent Mosquito Bites with Natural Insect Repellents, burn Citronella candles, run a fan. 
You can make your own natural insect repellents using Lemon Eucalyptus and other essential oils you enjoy. Ask your local healthy food store to order Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil.  Also pick up a GLASS spray bottle, put about 25 drops of Essential Oil, fill with water and shake before using.  Essential Oils are very concentrated and will eat into plastic.  Buy all your skin care and body care products in GLASS if they contain essential Oils. Remember, plants make their scents to repel bugs!


The Nutritional Truth About Agave

 I recently read that Agave Nectar is “worse than high fructose corn syrup.”  I wanted to make sure I am using it wisely, so I asked Nutritionist, Sandi Star, because I know she recommends using Agave in her Nutritional Consulting practice. Sandi explained that like all products, the ethics and production methods of the manufacturer makes all the difference in the quality and nutritional content of the end product.

Not all Agave is certified 100% organic, low-glycemic, all-natural, minimally processed, and additive and enzyme free.  Good quality Agave is made only from the prized Weber Blue Agave plant because of its unique natural carbohydrate profile and richer agave taste. Some brands use lower-cost varieties of the agave plant, resulting in a lower quality and less nutritional product. 

Does Agave Nectar come from starch like corn syrup? No! There is no starch in the agave plant. Some internet websites inaccurately state that agave is similar to corn syrup. By simply adding heat, the agave plant’s inulin-fructans (a carbohydrate) converts to natural fruit sugar (similar to heating an apple). 

Quality Agave Nectar is an all-natural, low glycemic sweetener that tastes great and offers an alternative to sugars, high fructose corn syrups, and artificial sweeteners.   Good quality Agave Nectar is delicious, and possesses several key attributes compared to chemically processed sugars, high fructose corn syrups, and artificial sweeteners:

· Low glycemic (Amber & Raw GI Rated at 17)
· 100% organic and Kosher
· 1.4x sweeter than sugar (use less, save calories)
· Dissolves in cold and hot!
· Will not crystallize
· Fantastic Taste!
· Naturally Gluten-free

 “I use Agave as my main sweetener. The fructose in it accounts for its low glycemic load. The body does not metabolize this natural sugar well, so it does not readily raise blood sugar (glucose) levels.  I wouldn’t worry about the effect on your liver of modest quantities of agave or fructose. My main concern about agave is its sustainability as a food source since demand may soon exceed supply.” Andrew Weil, M.D.

As more consumers look for ways to add healthier foods to their diets, Agave Nectar is one of the fastest growing natural alternatives to sugar in theUS.  Every part of this amazing plant is utilized for nourishment, medicinal, and ceremonial purposes. Organic Agave provides jobs for the local residents, revenue for the community, sustainable farming practices, fair wages to workers, and a sense of pride in the Jalisco region ofMexico. 

Here is Sandi Star’s Agave Conversion Instructions:

Agave Nectar is sweeter than sugar, so you can use less!

1. Substitute 2/3 cup agave nectar per 1 cup sugar. 

2. Compensate for the moisture in the agave nectar by reducing other liquids added by 1 FL OZ per 2/3 cup agave used. You can also estimate the moisture to be approx. 20% of the agave used.

3. To avoid overbrowning, oven temperature should be reduced by 25 degrees F and baking time increased by about 6%.

This general guide should be suitable for most recipes, but don’t be afraid to tweak it to suit your personal taste. 

Thank you, Sandi Star, for your expertise and full spectrum health advisory.  Here are a couple of Sandi’s products for your health and enjoyment!