The Future is Female - March is Women's History Month
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Womens History for Beginners by Bonnie Morris isbn 9781934389607
Women's History for Beginners by Bonnie MorrisReg. Price $16.99 $14.45 On Sale!
Kuli Kuli Protein Powder by West African Women Growers of Moringa OleiferaKuli Kuli Protein Powder by West African Women Growers of Moringa Oleifera
Average rating:
Price $9.95
The Mother of All Questions by Rebecca SolnitReg. Price $14.95 $11.98 On Sale!
Breastpots Poster by Max DashuReg. Price $20.00 $10.00 On Sale!
Bunch Bags by Amy Ferguson
Reusable Produce Bags by Bunch BagsReusable Produce Bags by Bunch Bags
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Price $7.50
Natural Latex Cloud Pillow by Cotton Cloud FutonsNatural Latex Cloud Pillow by Cotton Cloud Futons
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Reg. Price $75.00 $69.00 On Sale!
The Coloring Book for Big Girls by Sudie RakusinThe Coloring Book for Big Girls by Sudie Rakusin
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Price $9.95
A Fighting Chance by Elizabeth WarrenReg. Price $17.00 $14.45 On Sale!
Color Connection Ultimate Skin Care CollectionReg. Price $131.00 $119.00 On Sale!
Earthlab Cosmetics Raw Mascara
Natural Raw Mascara by EarthLab CosmeticsReg. Price $25.00 $22.00 On Sale!
Lizard Radio by Pat SchmatzReg. Price $16.99 $14.45 On Sale!
Princess Smartypants by Babette ColeReg. Price $6.99 $6.29 On Sale!
Kuli Kuli Moringa TeaKuli Kuli Moringa Tea
Average rating:
Price $12.79
Kuli Kuli Bars by West African Women Growers of Moringa OleiferaKuli Kuli Bars by West African Women Growers of Moringa Oleifera
Average rating:
Price $15.99
Menstrual Cup by LunetteMenstrual Cup by Lunette
Average rating:
Price $39.99

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We curate products made by female artisans and entrepreneurs. Fair Trade, Going Green and Living Green, for The Green Girl, Green Kids, Green Pets, Women's Health, Global Health, EcoFeminism, Books for Women, Best Baby Books, Books for Toddlers, Best Kids Books, Natural Pet Products, Eco Fashion, Eco Fashion Designers, Green Clothes, Natural Health Products, Kids Health, Clean Cosmetics, Natural Beauty Products, and much more!

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Why Buy Woman Made Products? 
Studies show that when resources are directed toward the women, everyone benefits! Gender equality is crucial for conservation, sustainable development, and equitable benefit sharing. Women green entrepreneurs make informed choices and negotiate outcomes that balance biodiversity, conservation, and human development needs. 
10,000 years ago, we women developed agriculture based on our menstrual connection to lunar cycles.  Our passion and dedication is to “Woman-Identified Sustainable Development,” putting women and our lifelong experiences back at the center of development strategies. is woman owned, operated, and financed. 


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